You are the Christ who comes to save!

[Taken from the September 16th Parish Bulletin]

Dear friends, These continue to be difficult days in the Church and I’m so grateful for the numerous ways you’ve shown your support for victims, those working to make amends, and even praying for those who have done harm.

I received a heart-wrenching but powerful email some days back from a mother of a priest from the East Coast. I wanted to share some of her thoughts, which may resonant with yours:

“I wake from a dream where I am drowning in the ocean, lost in the midst of a horrific storm, desperate to keep my head above water while frantically looking for my children and trying to understand what is happening.

Where did the storm come from, I thought it had past; I just want to save my kids. This storm rages on - this tempest of evil - but we know God triumphs over evil.

Christ calmed the Sea when the Apostles were frightened. God, Himself, will assure us that He is never far. There are no words that can even begin to express the depth of my anger, my rage, that I feel for not only the bishops, priests and religious who committed heinous sins towards our children but for those bishops, priests and laity who looked the other way.

There is evil in action: the Grand Jury report from Pennsylvania, the former Cardinal, now Archbishop Theodore McCarrick and even back to 2002 when the scandal which first broke in Boston and quickly went world wide. It is what is now being rightly called a “Moral Catastrophe;” it is, quite simply, evil in action.

I am writing to say thank you to our young clergy and seminarians, those of you who have stepped forward and answered the Lord’s call since 2002. Some of you have gone on to ordination, others of you have grown in your faith and though not ordained to priesthood became beacons of good, holy Catholic men.

Thank you all for your courage, your faith, your witness. Many of us will struggle and we will look to you to strengthen our faith when we, like the first Disciples, feel too afraid to leave the Upper Room. Faithful Catholics stand ready to fight with you for Christ and His Church but please help show us the way.

We need you to help us dive into a deeper relationship with God, one where we ourselves can hear His voice and invite Him to transform our lives.”

May we persevere in His Love,

Fr. Scott

P.S. A word of thanks to the many hands that made last week’s St. Mary’s Block Party one of our biggest and best ever. And to those that made mouths happy with the first St. Augustine breakfast of the fall!

Joe Ackerman