Jesus Desires Your Two Cents


We’ve all heard the phrase “offer my two cents”.  It’s a way of saying, “Here’s what I think, for whatever it’s worth.”  It’s a humble contribution to an ongoing discussion.  Yet, when given from an honest and honoring place in us, it CAN have a big impact.  And it gives us some ownership in the task at hand.

Instead of seeing our “two cent” contribution as unimportant, let us look to see how Jesus can see such a contribution.  After Jesus had finished his “formal” teaching in the courtyard of the Temple of Jerusalem, he began to “people watch,” in order to continue to instruct his apostles about how to put what he taught into action (love God, love neighbor). They saw the stream of people putting money in the temple treasury, which was a large trumpet-shaped receptacle leading to a secure money box. People would put their coins in the horn at the top, which was like a funnel, and then the sound of the coin would resonate as it rolled down the metal tubing into the box.

Many rich people, St. Mark tells us, were putting in large sums and “making a lot of noise” on the treasury trumpet. But then a poor widow came and put in two lepta, two small coins that barely made a sound. Then Jesus gave a surprising lesson that obviously the disciples never forgot. Jesus praised the poor widow rather than all the rest, saying that she had contributed more than all them, for they “gave out of their surplus, but she gave everything she had, all she had to live on.”

With this in mind, I’d love to have your “two cents” on the Area Catholic Community discussion that increases our teamwork with the Holy Spirit, St. Anthony’s, and St. John Cantius (technically Newman will remain its own, even as we organically look to support one another).  What compelling gifts and charisms do our parishes bring?  What are things you’re afraid we’ll “lose” in this process?  How do you measure the health of our parish communities?

Your opinion is valuable, even if you think otherwise.  Whether by call or email to the offices or to my email at, please send your thoughts.  Our councils and great staff will continue to lead this effort and keep you informed.  Through it all, may we imitate today’s Widow and place all our confidence and giftedness into the hands of our Loving Father.

With gratitude,

Fr. Scott


Kelly Bjork