A New (Church) Year, A New Gospel Guide


A most blessed Season of Advent to one and all!  While it’s the year’s shortest season, Advent has so much to offer us.  These elusive fruits are precious and profound, yet go to those who can ‘steal’ moments of openness and emptiness from the incessant pace of December.  Yes – a more deliberate, intentional pace is what God invites to us.

Every Advent we hear the call of Isaiah echoed by John the Baptist to level the mountains of pride, to fill up the valleys of a shallow prayer life, to clean up the debris that clogs the path between Christ and us. It’s a time when God cries out, “Comfort, Comfort O My People” and makes available the consolation of his Son, the Good Samaritan who binds our wounds in good, sacramental confession.  (Join us December 4th at St. Augustine and December 18th at St. Mary’s!)

Advent, like the life of faith as a whole, is fundamentally dynamic. There is deliberate movement. We pray, “O Come, O Come Emmanuel,” “O Come, Divine Messiah!” and at the same time we prepare to go out to meet and embrace him.

With the beginning of a new liturgical year, St. Luke becomes our new guide.  His gospel of mercy, of a reaching to the margins of our world and interior lives, will give color and texture to our walk this new year.  Let us come to know Luke as he speaks of Jesus and invites us to begin with an intentional and fruitful Advent pace.

O Come, Divine Messiah,

Fr. Scott

P.S.  Our St. Aug’s Centennial celebrations continue with a parish retreat next Saturday morning – looking back and forward.  See more information inside!


Kelly Bjork