Vocation Awareness Week: Overwhelming Love Leads to Conversion

Dear friends,

This week the Church in the U.S. shines a special light on the beauty and impact of priestly and religious vocations.  Hopefully, you’ll notice colorful new posters of our seminarians throughout the diocese.  You may see the Visitor with some great vocation related material.  You may even listen to a Vocation podcast the Visitor recorded with Fr. Doug, myself and two others.  All of those are helpful in this week of vocation promotion.

But above all else, I hope this week can invite you to pray for our young men and women longing to know God’s incredible plan for them.  Why?  Because your prayer eventually turns into personal acts of love.  And those acts of love can reach a moment where a young person experiences the unmistakable hand of God in their life.

This sacred moment is fed by prayer and leads them to a painful yet mercy-filled change in their life – a true conversion.  And such conversions are what fuel true discernment of one’s vocation.  God is placed back at the center of one’s most important decisions – and this God becomes Someone personal in Jesus Christ.  This Someone does not forcibly “take” from me, but offers me an incredible mission unlike any I could’ve come to on my own.

This is what happens when we “pray for vocations.”  The Holy Spirit prompts us to offer overwhelming love – a love the leads from conversion to a life lived for God.  It’s a world-altering experience – some of you have seen if for yourselves.  I pray many more of you will.  So please pray deeply and love extravagantly – Jesus knows who He is calling to the joy of serving Him alone.


Fr. Scott

P.S. I’ll be offering regular updates on our Area Catholic Community discussions as they happen.  Please keep this initiative on your prayer list!

P.P.S. As Catholics we take seriously our civic duty to vote – so please take time to study candidates and pray all those elected will work tirelessly for the common good.


Kelly Bjork