To Give Thanks

Dear friends,

Both this penultimate weekend of the Church’s calendar and the month of November invite us to consider the “ends” for which we’re made and move toward – God and eternal life.  The celebration of Thanksgiving urges us to begin that examination with gratitude.

Indeed, the surest way to prepare ourselves for any fruitful end is to approach the Father as a grateful people.  To know that even in “days of tribulation” – and we’ve had our share this year both locally and beyond – God unlocks the fear of the heart through an encounter with generosity that engenders gratitude.

We witnessed it last week in the widow’s two-coin donation.  In it, the Apostles realized that they weren’t working from scarcity, but abundance.  And we can see the same every day if we stop long enough to look.  How have you been blessed this year?  How does that blessing renew your commitment to trust, especially when trials come?

Above all, I’ve been moved by your testimonies of faith – and especially among our youth.  To see God’s mighty power shine through these shy but willing missionaries is what it’s all about.  I’m grateful to have made it “over the hill” this year –and finding that life only gets richer.  I’m grateful for great communal celebrations of faith – the Block Party, Harvest Sunday, and the upcoming Centennial celebrations at St. Augustine.  I am grateful for family and welcoming my new nephew, Izzy, this past October.

I’m even grateful for the adversity that increases our dependence on Christ – if we allow God to use it.  More trial and tribulation is sure to come this next year.  In those times, may we recall deep moments of God’s generous touch and seek to “give thanks in every circumstance – for this is God’s will for us” (1Thes 5:18).

God love you – have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Fr. Scott

P.S. Thanks for the prayers for this “sometimes” hunter – I did harvest a nice doe with the last rays of daylight this past Sunday!


Kelly Bjork