Putting "Good Stuff" on the Table

Dear Friends,

At a recent children’s Mass at St. Katharine Drexel School, Deacon John Wocken asked the question: What is something that you’re concerned about and praying for?  I answered: my little sister’s expectant child. (Update: 8 lbs. 2 oz. bouncing baby boy, Isidor Daniel Zimny, was born at 11:56 pm on October 14!!)  Among the other answers was a mom who simply said, “I praying about what’s for supper tonight!”

What a practical response!  Yes – if someone isn’t thinking about what’s on the menu, everything else grinds to a halt.  As parents and grandparents, you know the challenge of keeping “good stuff” in front of your growing kids and young people.  My engineering mind has often taught me to think in terms of strategies, plans, and projects.  As a kid, I came to find that the family plan (mostly mom!) for keeping our family fed was simply having the fridge full of good stuff and keep putting nourishing meals on the table.

A similar thing happens in our parish families.  When I first became pastor, I imagined some grand plan to form our people into devoted disciples and witnesses of Jesus.  And trust me – the staff observes and strategizes and plans as best we can.  But with the spectrum of needs and desires, and incredible choices of solid materials to form today’s Catholic, I’ve found the most important thing to do is keep putting good stuff on the table!

So, please continue to look around the bulletin for opportunities to connect and grow.  Pull up our newly overhauled websites on your smartphones.  Jump on to www.formed.org for the healthiest spiritual “fast food” around.  And plug into the many ways we keep putting good stuff on the table, including SKD and CHS Schools, MOPS, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, LITL Disciples, SEND, Confirmation, RCIA, and Saturday morning Men’s Group.

In addition, some great upcoming events include this Thursday at   7:30 pm (St. Mary’s) Fr. Rich Veras’ talk on “The Word Made Flesh”, Marian Consecration 33 Days to Morning Glory Mondays beginning November 5 at St. Mary’s, Tuesday evening Laudato Si discussion group at St. Augustine; and next Saturday morning (October 27) at 8:00 am at St. Mary’s April and Chelsea will offer fruits from their recent pilgrimages to France and Italy.

May Jesus continue to give us spiritual appetites for the love He wants to communicate to us!

Fr. Scott


Kelly Bjork